Tuesday 17 November 2015

Phyllonorycter nicelli?

I think this is a Hazel leaf and I think this is therefore a P. nicelli mine, found in the Llanbadarn road cemetery last weekend:
From below

From above


  1. Looks good to me Simon. Was it tenanted? Larva/pupa are usually at one end and frass at the other.

    1. I think it was tenanted, although I can't see the larva any more. Thanks.

  2. Is that definitely a Hazel? It doesn't look quite right somehow, not wrinkled enough? I thought it might be an alder (Grey Alder?).


  3. Were you thinking P.strigulatella George? I didn't think the leaf was quite right for Grey Alder but I'm no expert were leaves are concerned. I will try to get someone more knowledgeable to look at it.
    P.nicellii is in the county but I have no records of P.strigulatella (confirmed or otherwise) so it may have to wait until next year to confirm it.
    Can you find the tree again Simon?

  4. It looks likely that the leaf is from an Elm, now we know where it was found in the cemetery. So Phyllonorycter tristrigella is a possibility.


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