Thursday 21 August 2014

Oblique carpet

Undeterred by the promise of another cold night, we put a couple of Heath traps on wet grassland at Ynys-hir last night, close by lots of Bulrush hoping for some wainscots. In fact we had 11 macros and 2 micro species (grass moths A. tristella and A. straminella). We had our first Sallow of the Autumn,  a very fresh, second generation Green carpet, and 2 September thorns. Most interesting was a second generation Oblique carpet which very quickly escaped but not before we had an id shot.
September thorn

Tony& Ina


  1. A Sallow? That's depressing. Summer is over!

    1. It has certainly felt like it these past two nights. I was surprised to find that 4 of the 11 macro species appear on UK BAP species Table 4 (common, widespread but rapidly declining): Oblique carpet, September thorn, Sallow, and Rosy rustic. We are seeing quite a few Rosy rustics.


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