Thursday 14 November 2013

Common plume: Emmelina monodactyla

No moths in the trap this morning (not surprising considering the wind and rain last night) but there was this plume sheltering inside.

Thank you for your comment Peter. I decided to try to photograph the tibial spurs. Not a great photo but hopefully you can see the evidence.


  1. For folks who think all plumes look alike, this one is fairly easy to id. It's one of the few found almost throughout the year. I have 2 hibernating inside my house at the moment. With a small magnifier, look at the hindlegs, you'll see small spikes protruding at right angles. Tibial spurs. 2 per tibia. The pair closest to the body, one will be twice as long as the other. There is only one other plume like this and it's extremely rare and nowhere near you.

  2. Hi Tony, that shows it perfectly!

  3. Great photos and I really appreciate the ID tips (learning all the time!).


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