Wednesday 17 July 2013

Big night in the traps!

Our garden trap (15w actinic green tube) contained 119 moths plus those that escaped which comprised 51 species.
Notable was the number of garden tigers: 5  Is it a good year for them?
I  had a Muslin Footman, a garden first !
The other trap was in some birch/willow carr down on the bog: the 10w Goodden light brought in 131 moths of 40 species including 3 fresh Large Emeralds and a Marsh Oblique Barred.  The light was enclosed by the trees and below a bank so had very little throw, either these moths travel about more than I think or the trees were loaded with them!
The most numerous were:Double Line x 27,  Double Square Spot x 10.  There is an oakwood opposite the carr albeit out of sight of the lamp so I thought.


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  2. Sounds really good Liz. This does seem to be a good year for Garden Tigers we have had several including two on Borth bog night before last. I wonder if they will still be around for National Moths night. I note that there were only 16 records for them in the county last year.


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