Monday, 22 April 2019

Mullein, Tawny Shears, Digitivalva pulicariae and Esperia sulphurella

Mullein, Tawny Shears and Digitivalva pulicariae from last night's garden trap and Esperia sulphurella new for the garden from a few days ago:

Tawny Shears
Digitivalva pulicariae
Esperia sulphurella


  1. Mullein was first recorded in Ceredigion in 1995 and this is the 36th record. It is more frequently seen as a caterpillar than an adult. Only 14 of the 36 records are adult moths. Sarah has recorded 16 of the 36 all in the Aberporth area.

  2. And, to put in my twopence worth... Digitivalva pulicariae is the seventh record for the county all down south. I found E.sulphurella on the greenhouse roof two days ago too, it must be their time to emerge in vc46. ;-)