Thursday, 31 May 2018

Pugs (including a Netted Pug) and Grass Rivulets

Last night's garden trap resulted in 94 macro moths (of 46 species) and 13 micro moths (of 7 species).  Among the Pugs were Mottled, Goldenrod (plus a Grey Pug for comparison) and my first Netted Pug.  There were also 3 Grass Rivulets and an extremely worn Mullein.

Goldenrod Pug
Mottled Pug
Netted Pug
Grass Rivulet


  1. I envy you the Netted Pug, Sarah. I've never seen one. With the possible exception of the Foxglove Pug, it might be the only Pug I could be reasonably confident of identifying. I needed help with yesterdays haul which included,Common, Mottled, Grey and Foxglove.

    1. Hi David. Have you tried using Richard Lewington's laminated Pug sheet? I find it very useful. I hope a Netted Pug turns up for you too.

  2. Grass Rivulet was recorded quite widely in the county before 2000, but since then it has been seen in only 2 areas: Aberporth and Aberystwyth.