Sunday, 28 May 2017

Grass Rivulets and help needed on a micro moth

Despite the thunder, lightning and heavy rain at 4.15 on Saturday morning, there were still plenty of moths when I got up at 5am (luckily I had the rain shield on my trap and the moths hadn't moved from the house wall).  There were about 150 moths, a handful escaped me, but I ended up with 55 macro species and 10 micro species.  Of note in the catch were 3 Grass Rivulets (I didn't have any last year), a spuleria flavicaput (the same time as Simon's - see his previous blog post) and this micro which I can't seem to identify.  The FW is about 7mm.  Any ideas?

Edit: I just saw the Upper Thames blog...does this micro look good for Epinotia immundana?

Here's a cut and paste of the whole list:
Common Swift; Pebble Hook-tip; Common Lutestring; Eyed Hawk-moth; Privet Hawk-moth; Elephant Hawk-moth; Clay Triple-lines; Flame Carpet; Silver-ground Carpet; Common Carpet; May Highflier; Spruce Carpet; Broken-barred Carpet; Common Marbled Carpet; Green Carpet; Rivulet; Grass Rivulet; Foxglove Pug; Brindled Pug; Common Pug; Mottled Pug; Grey Pug; Small Seraphim; Brown Silver-line; Scorched Wing; Brimstone Moth; Peppered Moth; Grey Birch; White-pinion Spotted; Clouded Silver; Puss Moth; Sallow Kitten; Lobster Moth; Pale Prominent; Buff-tip; Pale Tussock; Buff Ermine; White Ermine; Ruby Tiger; Small Fan-foot; Alder Moth; Knot Grass; Coronet; Treble Lines; Small Angle Shades; Clouded-bordered Brindle; Middle-barred Minor; Lychnis; Marbled Coronet; Heart and Dart; Small Square-spot; Green Arches; Setaceous Hebrew Character; Dark Dagger / Grey Dagger; Marbled Minor agg.
Incurvaria oehlmanniella; Aspilapteryx tringipennella; Plutella xylostella; Spuleria flavicaput; Cochylis atricapitana; Epiphyas postvittana; Pseudargyrotoza conwagana; Celypha striana; Bactra lancealana; Aphomia sociella.


  1. I would say yes, E.immundana. Right size, narrow winged and the dorsal blotch isn't straight enough for E.tetraquetrana.
    There is nothing like a bit of warm damp weather for bringing in the moths is there? Although 'damp' may just be the wrong word for the other night!

  2. Thanks, Ina. I was going round in circles on that one!