Monday, 31 October 2016


From the garden trap last night: Red-green Carpet x 2; Common Marbled Carpet x 3; November Moth agg. x 3; Feathered Thorn; Black Rustic; Green-brindled Crescent; Merveille du Jour; Angle Shades x 2; Epiphyas postvittana; and a new moth for me, a Gem.

Gem (female)


  1. Very nice, the 38th county record and only the 5th non-RIS record. Last recorded in the south west in Cardigan in 1975.

  2. Lucky you Sarah! Bet you were shocked to see it in the trap, Christmas comes early in Aberporth!

  3. Thanks - a really nice surprise. It was actually on the glass on the back of the door, so I'm glad it didn't fly off when I went out.