Saturday, 8 October 2016

Autumn Moths

From the garden trap last night: Common Marbled Carpet x 9; Pine Carpet x 1; Large Yellow Underwing x 2; Setaceous Hebrew Character x 2; Square-spot Rustic x 3; Grey Shoulder-knot x 1; Blair's Shoulder-knot x 2; Green-brindled Crescent x 1; Merveille du Jour x 3; Brindled Green x 1; Feathered Ranunculus x 1; Yellow-line Quaker x 1; Lunar Underwing x 1; Copper Underwing x 1; Angle Shades x 2; Silver Y x 1; Carcina quercana x 2; Eudonia angustea x 1.

Blair's Shoulder-knot and Grey Shoulder-knot
Carcina quercana


  1. Great pic of the Shoulder Knots, better than the pics in the id books; comparisons are excellent say I

  2. Yes, I thought that too. A good idea and a nice photo.

  3. Thanks Liz and Ian. If I get any more useful comparisons I'll post them to this blog.