Monday, 13 June 2016

Heart and Club

Although there were heavy showers last night the garden trap collected 56 moths of 32 species.  2 were new for the garden - a Heart and Club and a Narrow-winged Pug.  Migrant-wise there were 3 Diamond-back moths (much less than most moth-ers are reporting) and a Silver Y.  There was also a Heart and Dart with the oval and kidney joining (the first time I've noticed one like this) and a Figure of Eighty (that I tend to record 2 or 3 times a year).

Heart and Dart
Heart and Club

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  1. Only 36 county records for Heart & club, mostly coastal with a good number from Ynyslas. On a very good night last year we had 12 in 2 traps in the dunes.
    There are 21 records for Figure of eighty, 20 of them since 2007. Of those you have had 7 records in the last 3 years.