Monday, 30 May 2016

Garden moth trap 29th May

Slightly better again:
Elachista canapennella; Cochylis atricapitana x 2; Alucita hexadactyla; Aphomia sociella x 2 and a probable Dichrorampha montanana (though not dissected).
Garden Carpet; Common Marbled Carpet x 3; Brimstone Moth; Peppered Moth x 6; White-pinion Spotted x 2; Clouded Silver; Buff-tip; Elephant Hawkmoth; Pebble Prominent x 2; Swallow Prominent; Pale Prominent; Pale Tussock x 2; White Ermine; Flame Shoulder; Marbled Coronet; Clouded Drab; Hebrew Character x 2; Alder Moth; Coronet and Treble Lines.

Pale Prominent

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