Friday, 2 October 2015

Garden moth trap 1st October

Micros: Caloptilia stigmatella; Light Brown Apple Moth x 6; Eudonia angustea
Macros: Garden Carpet;Red-green Carpet;Common Marbled Carpet x 5;Brimstone Moth x 4;Canary-shouldered Thorn x 2;Setaceous Hebrew Character x 3;Square-spot Rustic x 6;Black Rustic x 2;Blair's Shoulder-knot;Flounced Chestnut;Lunar Underwing;Pink-barred Sallow;Copper Underwing;Frosted Orange;Silver Y.
The Frosted Orange was a new moth for my garden and I've only had Flounced Chestnut once before.  Silver Ys have been showing up in my garden all week - here's one I photographed yesterday:
Silver Y

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  1. Great Sarah, we had 4 moths last night...but at least they were 4 species.
    We are doing a moth 'thing' for the scouts tonight, so I just hope someone told the moths to turn up too!