Monday, 19 October 2015

Garden moth trap 17th October

Light Brown Apple Moth x2; Red-green Carpet x2; Common Marbled Carpet; Spruce Carpet; Dusky Thorn; Setaceous Hebrew Character x3; Black Rustic x4; Merveille du Jour x2; Feathered Ranunculus x9; Red-line Quaker; Yellow-line Quaker; Dark Arches; Silver Y.

Feathered Ranunculus x9


  1. Not a bad catch for mid-October.
    I think Feathered Ranunculus must have reached a your garden at least. :-) The county record for one night in one trap is 12 in a garden in Aberystwyth, but they were a week earlier.

  2. Hi Ina. Considering the conditions, I was a bit disappointed with the catch. I found the Feathered Ranunculus scattered across the lawn (probably a result of using the 125WMV instead of the 15W Actinic), so I popped them onto my Thrift for their photo. It's the most I've ever recorded in one go here.