Tuesday, 29 September 2015

September Caterpillars - some ID help needed

Here are some caterpillars that I've found this September.  Some I think I've identified correctly, but I would appreciate a second opinion and there are 2 queries which are probably not possible from the photos...

Oak Eggar
Buff Ermine
Dark Dagger
White Ermine
Ruby Tiger
Unknown 1 - on Red Campion
Unknown 2 - Looper (top view)
Unknown 2 - Looper (side view)


  1. An interesting collection Sarah. I am no expert on caterpillars but I agree with those which you have identified. Its very good to find a Dark dagger, since the adults cannot be separated from Grey dagger except by dissection. The unknown one eating the flower, may be Grey pug. I have no idea yet on the other one.