Thursday, 24 September 2015

Garden moth trap 23rd September

43 moths of 12 species from trapping last night which included 8 Silver Ys and this Brown-spot Pinion:
Brown-spot Pinion


  1. Sarah, I think you have cornered the market in Brown-spot pinions. You have 5 of only 7 records since 2009. In fact there are no records between 1989 and 2009. As Adrian Fowles said "The Brown-spot pinion is less frequent in western Britain than central and eastern districts, perhaps indicating that winter temperatures influence distribution".

  2. The Silver-Y's seem to be active this year. I found one nectaring on our marigolds I planted with the tomatoes in the greenhouse.


  3. Well done on the B-s P Sarah. I had one on Thursday night. Sally Hall has recorded several in previous years from Saron. Recent records in our respective counties seem to have been restricted to territory in south Ceredigion and north Carmarthenshire.

  4. Thanks to everyone for all the info. Chris, good to hear you had a B-s P too. Hopefully we'll get a few more this year.