Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Micro moth on Common Fleabane - help needed

I found this micro moth on Fleabane this afternoon but I'm having trouble identifying it.  I read the Glamorgan Moth blog about looking out for Apodia bifractella on Fleabane but there's no orange on my moth and I failed to get a better shot of its head.  Any thoughts?
Also today I found a Bordered Beauty (on the outside wall of the toilet block) and had a visit from a Hummingbird Hawkmoth to my garden Buddleia.

Micro moth on Common Fleabane
Another view of the micro moth on Common Fleabane
Bordered Beauty
Hummingbird Hawkmoth


  1. Hi Sarah,
    There is one record of A.bifractella from Mwnt in 1960.
    As you say there is no orange visible on your photo although there looks like a paler spoton the costa. Not sure if there is a similar species, perhaps Peter H will know. Do you have any other photos?

  2. Thanks Ina. I'll keep an eye on the Fleabane and see if I can either get better photos or find a better example.

  3. Sarah, I had a similar moth on Saturday at Cwm Tydu, on fleabane, with just a faint hint of orange top and bottom towards the rear end visible when it caught the light. Also pale palps like yours. I decided that it was bifractella, but Ina can judge when i've downloaded my photos!
    A first-for-garden Bordered Beauty here this week.

  4. Hi Simon. That's interesting - let me know how you get on with your micro. I think one of my other photos show a tiny bit of orange but the bright sunlight was reflecting off the moth making it look slightly different in each photo.

  5. Tony has come up with the idea that photos with yellow background may be distorting the colour. We could prove the species is there by collecting the seedheads and breeding them through. Will contact you later.