Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Garden moth trap 18th August

From the garden moth trap last night:

An early Sallow
Toadflax Pug
White-spotted Pug


  1. Superb pics, you've got the lighting so right!

  2. Great photos and such fresh-looking moths. The county records show good numbers of Sallow from the middle of August. The condition of the pugs points to them being second generations. The photo of the White-spotted clearly shows all the white spots including those on the side of the abdomen. The records show two distinct broods May-June and then August with the second brood being bigger than the first (in some counties it is the other way round). Interestingly the larval foodplant for the first generation is Elder flowers and for the second Wild Angelica fruits and occasionally other umbellifers.


  3. Thanks for the info Tony. Yes, it was good to get some fresh moths, especially the pugs (makes them so much easier to ID).