Friday, 26 June 2015

An ID query

I had this moth in my garden trap from last night.  It's small (FW 11mm), very light straw coloured with a pale hindwing, very worn and appears shiny.  I was considering Small Dotted Buff but I can't see any of the necessary markings - does anyone have any ideas please?

Additional: I found a second worn moth in my records from 16th August 2014.  It's the same size and I think it looks the same type - does this help?  They both looked paler than their photos but I've darkened them to show any markings.
FW 11mm 
16th August 2014 FW 11mm


  1. Sorry Sarah, I keep looking at it and still no bells are ringing.

  2. No worries. Thanks anyway.

  3. Have you thought about cloaked/rosy minor Sarah? (Maybe too early for cloaked?) Norfolkmoths shows some almost unmarked examples. I'm catching something rather similar here (let me know if you want to see some bad photos!)