Saturday, 4 October 2014

Garden moth trap 2nd Oct

Just 26 moths of 15 species so here's the full list: e. angustea; Light Brown Apple Moth; Rush Veneer; Common Marbled Carpet; Setaceous Hebrew Character; Flame Shoulder; Pale Mottled Willow; Lunar Underwing; Beaded Chestnut; Black Rustic; Feathered Ranunculus; Green-brindled Crescent; Merveille du Jour; Angle Shades; and Blair's Shoulder-knot.
Feathered Ranunculus


  1. We are still waiting for Blair's SK and Lunar U/wings up here...can you give them a map and a push up the road please.
    Ina & Tony

  2. Lunar U's are starting to wind down, you'd better put the trap in some grass (and remember to switch it on too)

  3. Sarah, can you post pic of Blairs plse?

  4. Hi Liz. There's already a great photo of a Blair's Shoulder-knot on this blog from October last year, so no need for me to post one.