Saturday, 19 July 2014

Garden moth trap 18th July

136 macros (47 species) and 51 micros (13 species) in/around the trap including a Four-spotted Footman and a Grass Rivulet.  2 Micro moths are causing me difficulty - one could possibly be a Phtheochroa inopiana and the other looks a bit like Eucosma hohenwartiana.  Any thoughts?  I also had a Pyrausta purpuralis in the trap for the first time.

Poss. Eucosma hohenwartiana (lightened to show markings)

Poss. Phtheochroa inopiana (side view)
Poss. Phtheochroa inopiana (top view)


  1. Hi Sarah, P.inopiana looks right to me, but the E.hohenwartiana is now part of a group. You will have seen this in Sterling/Parsons I'm sure. Unless they are dissected I would just record them as E.hohenwartiana group.
    Maybe Peter Hall has some more up to date information.

    1. Forgot to say...Four-dotted Footman is good!! You get some great moths down there.

  2. Been trying to comment for a while but signal up in the north of Scotland is primitive to say the least. Yes to inopiana. As for hohenwartiana, it looks good too but as Ina says is now 3 species and only females can be chopped to species level. So I suggest you add in the comment for the record "Group" so we all know in future.

  3. Thanks Ina and Peter. I hadn't actually read about the grouping of E. hohenwartiana. I'll mark the record accordingly.