Monday, 23 June 2014

Micro - help needed

I think this looks like a Grapholita tenebrosana but it is a bit worn and I didn't get a photo showing the labial palps.  However, I think the coloration and weak markings match the description of it.  Any thoughts?
Grapholita tenebrosana? Side view

Grapholita tenebrosana? Top view (in sunshine)


  1. Did you see the palps Sarah? There is just one on record, in 1962 from a reliable source and at Gwbert.

  2. Hi Ina. Unfortunately all I could manage to see is recorded in the photos above.

  3. Mmm, I think it's one you needed to keep so I could take a closer look.

  4. Peter, do you think it's a choice between G. tenebrosana and G. funebrana, or is there some other micro I needed to consider?