Saturday, 24 May 2014

Garden moth trap 23rd May

Not a bad night for trapping, no rain and low winds, but only 19 moths of 13 species in the trap this morning: 3 x LBAM; 1 x Common Marbled Carpet; 1 x Spruce Carpet (NFY); 1 x Common Pug; 1 x Brindled Pug;1 x Brimstone; 3 x Peppered; 1 x Sallow Kitten (NFG); 1 x Pale Tussock; 1 x Heart and Dart (NFY); 1 x Flame Shoulder; 1 x Hebrew Character and 3 x Treble Lines.

Sallow Kitten


  1. NFY,NFG? I can get words for the first 2 letters I think but what does the third stand for?!
    Great moth, lucky you.

  2. Hi Liz - NFY=New for the year; NFG=New for the garden and sometimes I use NFM=New for me. I think I picked it up from forums/other moth blogs a while ago.

  3. Aah, not what I thought then!