Saturday, 8 March 2014

Caterpillars - any ideas?

This afternoon I found 2 caterpillars in a sheltered, sunny patch of ivy - possibly Oak Eggar and Drinker.  Then 1 more in another ivy bush not that far from the first.  This one was quite high up so the photo is only of the side, but it looks a bit like another Oak Eggar.  Can anyone help me with the IDs please.
Oak Eggar?

Another Oak Eggar?



  1. Hi Sarah, pretty sure your Drinker is right, I am not good with caterpillars except the obvious ones...too many instars for me! I hope someone else can answer you.

  2. Thanks Ina. I went back and found them again (they were still in almost the same place 24 hours later!) and took some better photos which helped a bit. So, I'm still thinking Drinker and Oak Eggar.