Sunday, 17 November 2013

December Moths

19 moths in and around the trap this morning - 2 December Moths, a Chestnut, a tatty Dark Sword-grass, 7  X Feathered Thorn, 6 X Red-green Carpet, a Common Marbled Carpet and a November Moth Agg..  Plus a wasp.  No Micros.

December Moth


  1. If you want your Novembers id'd, then keep them and contact me off group and I'll give you my address to post them off to. Remember to label with location and date of course. This applies to anyone in the group.

  2. Excellent pic of one of my favourites…yes, its furry.
    Sarah any chance you can put down your camera settings and lens type?

  3. Thanks Liz. I'll PM you regarding your question.

  4. My moth was up the side of my house, Peter, and I don't own a long ladder!