Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Moth trap 8th October

A surprisingly good catch last night - 61 macro moths of 20 species: Common Marbled Carpet X 13; Dark Sword-grass X 2; LYU; Set. Hebrew Character X 8; Black Rustic X 8; Blair's Shoulder-knot X 3; Feathered Ranunculus X 5; Beaded Chestnut X 2; Angle Shades X 3; Pale Mottled Willow; Silver Y X 2; Flounced Chestnut; Turnip Moth; Red-line Quaker X 3; Grey Shoulder-knot; Yellow-line Quaker; Red-green Carpet X 2; Brown-spot Pinion; Green-brindled Crescent; and Merveille du Jour X 2.  Also, a Rush Veneer in the Micros.

Rush Veneer

Flounced Chestnut


  1. Nice list Sarah. Were there any other micros apart from Rush Veneer?
    Weather turning colder, so we had better make the most of it.

  2. Yes, that was a spectacular catch compared with the meagre turn-out here, in northern Carmarthenshire, a couple of miles east of Llandysul, on Tuesday night. I was particularly interested in the Brown-spot Pinion. This species turns up occasionally in this area (I had one one Sunday night), but has not been caught elsewhere in the county nor, apparently, in Glamorgan. I wonder how it fares in Ceredigion, presumably it's not a first for you? Kind regards, Chris (regular contributor to the Carmarthenshire Blog)

  3. Sarah, I have just delved into your site's blog archive and think that my question has been answered! It would be interesting to know where you are trapping. As far as I know there are just two of the Carms. moth-ers who have had BSPs recently, myself and Sally Hall, who traps not far away from me in Saron, south-east of Newcastle Emlyn. I think that she has had several this autumn, and Sunday's was my second.

  4. Hi Chris. Thanks for the comments. Re: B-sPs - I've had them in my trap here in Aberporth 4 times this year (my first year of trapping), making a total of 7 moths. Interesting to hear about your records - I'll check out the Carmarthenshire Blog.....