Thursday, 10 October 2013

Micro moth from 8th October

I provisionally identified a Micro moth from my latest catch as the dark form of Ash Bud Moth (Prays fraxinella).  However, having read a bit about this moth on the internet, I see there is a moth which is now to be added to the British list called Prays ruficeps, which I understand has a red/brown head and no remains of fraxinella markings.  I think my photo fits this description (I have lightened it a bit to show the details better - to the eye it looked very dark brown/black) but was wondering if someone could let me know what they think.....


  1. Sarah, I have had Prays fraxinella f.rustica, but could not be sure that this one is not P.ruficeps...Think this is one for Peter Hall. If you still have the moth can you hang on to it for a while. I will look for a pic and post it.

  2. Hi. The moth was released yesterday morning but I do have lots more photos of it if a photo ID can be made.

  3. Just got back from Brynarth. I'm currently preparing a series of images of Prays bits to see if I can determine any differecnes between the now 2 species via dissection. Ian supplied a lot of typical male fraxinella in his RIS samples earlier in the year and I know I have stashed away a lot of ruficeps. At the moment what you describe is largely what we have to separate. Typical fraxinella and then the dark form where you can still make out wing pattern, and then this new one, which I think is slightly smaller and does have a nice orangey head. We had loads in Bucks up until the middle of September, and I have not noticed that form before either. Yes, it's 2 species and yes your image appears to be ruficeps. So far the male bits appear to be very similar.