Saturday, 28 September 2013

Brown-spot Pinions and Silver Ys

65 Macro moths of 19 species in and around the moth trap last night.  This included 3 Brown-spot Pinions, a Beaded Chestnut and a Vestal.  There have been so many Silver Ys this week, the most I've ever seen, but not one found its way into my trap.  So here's one that was in the garden today:

Silver Y

Brown-spot Pinion


  1. Wow! you really are in a good spot, a vestal must have flown ?how far? to get there.
    Going off to check records fro B S pinion....

  2. Thanks Liz. Glad that I keep getting good records for the Group. Strangely, the Vestel was in the same patch of grass as where I found the Orange Sallow.