Saturday, 17 August 2013

White-spotted Pug and Square-spot Dart

These two moths were in my moth trap last night.  I've provisionally identified them as a White-spotted Pug and a Square-spot Dart.  They are both a bit worn but on the pug I can make out the white spots on the wings, thorax and can just about see the ones on the side of the abdomen.  I can't see any black arrowheads on the dart so I didn't think it was a White-line Dart.  Would someone be able to check my IDs please.


  1. Sarah, I have never seen a square spot dart but the google search for images shows a selection and one caught at Portland Bill looks identical. The Atlas map(Moth Recording Scheme) shows a cluster of dots in west Pembs plus a dot which I think might be Aberporth. If you mail Ian Tillotson directly he will know if the old Rothampstead trap used to record them. Either way great moth!
    Yes, ok the pug is pretty.